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On Valve Stem Passenger/Truck

An external device connected directly to the valve stems on each tire.



  • Easy to install. The installation takes just a few seconds per tire

  • Visual Signal at tire and/or Radio Signal to cab. Quickly shows which tire is underinflated.

  • Affordable. This is the least expensive short term alternative



  • Needs to be removed to check tire pressure. The drivers and the maintenance people dislike this solution since they have to remove the caps each time they check the pressures. The inside of the dual wheels can often be difficult to reach.

  • If Radio Signal has short lived battery life. The location on the end of the valve stem puts a lot of restriction to size and weight o the transmitter. Therefore the batteries are small and the unit is often made of plastic

  • Some are very expensive to change batteries. Since the batteries are small, they need to be changed quite frequently. Some manufacturers have sealed units where you need to send the old units to the manufacturer for battery changes.

  • Set wheel location. Each unit is made for a specific wheel location and must therefore always be replaced by a unit for the same location.

  • Weak Radio Signal. The limitation on weight makes the battery power small and the RF signal is weak. This requires installation of an outside antenna and often repeaters are needed to get the signal into the cab from a long vehicle. Repeaters are definitely needed from any trailer. The antenna, repeater, and the installation add additional costs and more potential problems with the system.

  • Readers for the maintenance personnel are not available. Because of the short transmission distance and each unique location transmitter, the remote readers are not available.

  • When the reader is in the cad, it cannot be accessed by maintenance personnel unless they can get into the cab (which is often locked) and turn on the ignition (often even the main switch has been disconnected).  This would require the maintenance personnel to carry every vehicle’s keys with him, which is extremely impractical.

  • Only driver will have information about underinflated tires. The system relies on the driver to report any under inflation


We make the only reliable, specially designed for Heavy Duty, On-the-Valve-Stem product on the market, though it does not have radio transmission. By avoiding the drainage of the battery by radio transmission, we make an inexpensive and reliable electronic, stainless-steel valve cap. Contact us at the information below to find out more.

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