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Fleet Implementation

Implementation on Fleet:

  • One version fits the entire fleet. All units can be calibrated to fit any tire pressure used by any truck. Only the brackets needed will vary depending on the truck or trailer manufacturer. We have several brackets in stock and will develop new brackets as they are needed.

  • Works right out of the box with no programming needed (but can be programmed, if desired). The receiver can easily be programmed to exclude tires from other vehicles. This in not, however, recommended in a "drop and hook" application.

  • Warnings inside and outside the vehicle. The outside warning often has an especially positive impact in keeping the tires properly inflated since the driver knows that all people around his truck can see that he is not doing a good job keeping his tires inflated.

  • Calibration on wheel or pre-calibrated at factory. The transmitter can be preset to a certain pressure at the factory but can also be set or reset by the customer.

  • Easy to inflate tires, with hub-mount. This feature makes it much easier and quicker to check tire pressures with a gauge or fill the tires.

  • Functionality check and battery check, all in one push button. The functionally check can be done by any maintenance personnel or driver and should be done periodically (e.g. once a month)

  • Service personnel, supervisor, management, and gate guard are also made aware of low tire pressures. The small receiver which easily fits into a pocket gives management and other selected people knowledge of underinflated tires.

  • Can be connected to GPS fleet management programs. Our transmitter can easily be hooked up with most tracking devices.  This way, the back office will immediately know if a vehicle is driving with an underinflated tire.

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