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The installation of the TyreAid™ is very simple and can be performed by any maintenance personnel with regular skills and without any special training or tools for the TyreAid™. The two main component categories are the transmitter/sensors and a receiver.  For more detailed information, please view the Owner's & Installation Manual.


Transmitter Installation:

1. Attach the transmitter to the bracket and the bracket to the end of the axle/wheel-hub.

2. Connect the hoses to the valve stems.

3. Check the tire pressure and twist the nylon lens to calibrate the unit.


Receiver Installation:

1. Locate a good place in the cab for the included bracket and attach it. 

2. Find a power source and connect the cable.


We estimate an installation time of 5 - 10 minutes per tire.



However, using a very simple programming routine, programming can be performed to eliminate other vehicles’ tires. 

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